12 Unique business ideas. Businesses that would make you rich.

12 unique business ideas that would make you rich might sound like an easy process but trust me its not. In this article we CANC will give you some ideas and a foundation for your new startup but it totally depends on your leadership and managing skill to make your startup reach its peak.

1.Elder Care Service

In this days many individual are usually busy on their work and other activities. A husband and a wife goes for work and children goes to school the only left in home is our grandparents. You can create a platform for customers to hire a personal assistant for your grandparents or parents to take care of them and give you their health report.

2.From Farm to Table Groceries Service

You can start a Farm to Table Groceries business for those customer who is health conscious and prefers fresh fruits and vegetables.

3.VR Tourism

You can start a business who’s main goal is to provide the authentic feel of touring a remote location such as Antarctica or Amazon Rainforest for cheap price and with the safety of being inside a room. Moreover you can start this business as a touring park where you can have customized rooms for each location.

4.3D Painted Flooring Services

You can start a business of painting in 3D in floor since many peoples are crazy for 3D art these days. However 3D floor printing doesn’t require painting skills but a machine.

5.Autobot Cleaning Service

Create autonomous cleaning robots that use environmentally friendly cleaning products and energy-efficient technologies.

6.Trade And Exchange Platform

Create a platform following Barter System where people could trade item to item of their need. Suppose there is rare item but its not of its liking but however he wants some another rare item in this case he could trade his item with someone else item.

7.Sustainable DIY Solar Panel

Start a business that provide DIY solar panel installation kits to homes so they can utilize renewable energy.

8.Custom Subscription Box

Choose a target market and customer and create a custom subscription box according to their liking.

9. Hygienic Street Food

Street food has lots of customer as well as competitors so in order to start a successful business in this area you need to be unique especially in third world country just being hygienic is enough for your business to sky rocket.

10.Handicrafts Export Business

Create a company that promotes Indian handicrafts manufactured from sustainable resources while also facilitating international trade and supporting craftsmen.

11.Eco-Friendly Bicycle Sharing Service

Create bicycle sharing programs in cities to encourage environmentally friendly transportation options.

12.Organic Urban Rooftop Gardens

Grow organic produce on rooftop gardens in urban areas to promote urban farming.

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